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Make and keep non violence culture. Cut negative chain, cut evil chain. Stay in peace, and make safe society. RIP With my memories: I was in charge of ex prime minister’s government charter meals on f...
Total Wellness by Tsukiimieのブログ訪問の皆様、お久しぶりでございます。 まずは、先日の夜のSan Diego湾の船から撮影したお月様の写真を添付致しました。一瞬でも感じられる癒しのひと時、また、同じ光景はきっと2度と現れる事は無いであろう、と、日々の何でもない事に、感謝した瞬間でもありました。 ブログ更新出来ていなかった間、自分自身と、持病の薬による副作用で“無”の状態...
#ship #outside #SanDiego #bay #nature #smile #peace #サンデイエゴ湾 #訪ね者 #自然 #スマイル #仕事場  初めてのお訪ね者、爆睡してました。 平和を感じた瞬間でした。 By Tsuki Imie...
When I looked up in middle of no where, there was Smokey Red Moon shinning in the dark sky. Precious moment and calm me down. By Tsuki Imie
Karuna Reiki Master Holy Fire Usui Reiki Master Professional Reiki Master member Life is always learning and developing By Tsuki Imie
Moon was behind thick clouds. The moonlight was strong at the only one spot. Presence, Strong, Calm, And leading me to go thru. Closed eyes, and felt the way out. By Tsuki Imie
“Ki” is energy Genki: Fine, Fine Energy, Healthy Energy You Ki: encourage, Strong mind, Challenging mind Katki: Living Energy, Fresh, Active Energy I want my day with “Ki” tomorrow....
I am “I” Having hard time, Getting over hardship, Learning life lessons, Who you want to be? I want to be “me” I can be different, I want to be loving persons, I want to have meaningful life. By Tsuki...
I have been using this moon shape pendulum for the SRT/ Pendulum. As of my name is “Tsuki”, this means “Moon” in English. During session, I was calm, grounded and find out core issues for the customer...
In the future. Daily effort. Your journey. Recognize. Step forward. By Tsuki Imie