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We had a great Kaiseki Lunch on yesterday in Los Angeles.  Minister of Japanese agriculture was there, and it was a very honor to be there. 
I started Blind Group Medium on Zoom.if you're interested in, please go to Meetup.com, search "Blind Group Mediumship Reading by Tsuki Imie".I do this event every week, and it costs $35 per person.  P...
New Event !  Group Blind Medium.  I will do Medium on Zoom without Video.  Total 50min and Max 6 people per group.  Please visit Meetup.com to see details, or booking from  https://total-wellness-by-t...
This will be...Spiritual Communications-MediumshipI am going to start soon.(^_-) Tsuki Imie
Reiki Class Posted !!If anyone interested, please RSV from https://tsukiimie.com or send me DM please. 
Today, I have Psychic Healing Expo in Seattle.It's grey outside but nice and pretty town. Big Expo and 135 plus vendors are here.   so exciting (^_-)/ I am gonna be at Angel winds arena from 10am-5pm....
Happy July 4th !This weekend, I am heading to Seattle for ALCHEMY FAIR.  Date : 7/8 from 10amLuckly I will receive books " Heart Whispers" which I joined as a author by 7/6, andI start to sell books a...
Today is the day!Heart Whispers is on sale at Amazon.This anthology book will be sell in USA, England, Canada and Australia.You can buy 99cents if you buy Kindle (Amazon) now.  Check this out! 
Here is a one of book promotions and I got interviewed by publisher/main author on YouTube. The way I did expression was funny, haha but I tried to convey messages. Thank you SUE URDA discovered me, a...